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Pikwy - is a screenshot tool, with which you can easily capture a website screenshot and all web pages online, free and without any watermarks, with a high resolution of any web page on the Internet. You can take a screenshot of popular sites, blogs, tweets, social media posts and anything that is publicly available to all Internet users.

You do not need to download and install any programs on your computer; all creation processes take place online. To start creating a screen capture, you only need the full URL of the web page, which you paste into the input field and click the “Capture screenshot” button. You can use both the web site and our fast, robust API.

When capture web page screenshot, you can resize the resulting screenshot by choosing the desired resolution, simulate a mobile device to get a mobile version of a website, or simply create a full page screenshot. Pikwy screenshots display all web fonts and all AJAX script content, so we guarantee that your screenshots are accurate and of high quality.

We provide code examples for the most common programming languages, so the integration is very fast and painless.


last modified: May 2021
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