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Buy real USD, Euro, and GBP banknotes or money. Fast and secure. 

Used Cash Is Shredded: In 2017 6.5 Billion dollars was destroyed by the Federal Reserve. If a bill has holes totaling more than 19 square millimeters, about the size of an aspirin, it’s unfit. Dirty and worn out bills are also sorted out with sensors. Fives, tens and twenty-dollar bills printed before 1996 are automatically pulled from circulation, simply because of their age.

We Acquire Cash before Its Shredded: The “Financial Boss” team has “access” to an almost limitless supply of cash that is marked for disposal.

We Have a Problem: We are only able to siphon small amounts of cash at a time to avoid detection.  This is mainly because large amounts of cash are difficult to “withdraw” and move discretely due to scheduling, weight, size and concealability issues.  We would rather “withdraw” several hundred million and disappear forever but that isn’t possible.  So our team decided to siphon cash away slowly and stockpile it in bitcoins over many years.

We Cant Spend It: Due to our location and “access” we would be caught quickly if we spent large amount of pre-shred cash.  We want to maintain access therefore we do not risk spending it ourselves except in small amounts.

We Need Help: We want to maintain access to our cash source and don’t want to get caught so we offer Cash in exchange for Bitcoins.  We mail this cash to whatever address you wish in exchange for your bitcoins.  We do not accept any other form of payment.

No Risk for You: There is absolutely no risk for those that purchase bills from us. No one knows we have them and no one knows their serial numbers.  For both of our protection we don’t keep any records whatsoever.  Furthermore buying cash is not illegal.

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